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Hard Graff

Famicom game created for the 2018 My Famicase Exhibition hosted by METEOR in Tokyo. Players can explore the fascinating world of urban art as they attempt to become a respected bomber while studying at the feet of a forgotten graffiti master.

Client: METEOR

Location: Tokyo, JP

Year: 2018

Link: www.famicase.com/18

Logo, Typography, Writing, Exhibition, Gaming

Episode One: Ambitionz az a Writer — So you wanna be a writer, huh? Well, I'm your new teacher. Forget what everyone else says. I'm the one who's gonna help you get up. You're just a toy right now, but you could graduate to all-city someday. Becoming a king ain't easy though. You gotta stay dedicated to the craft, and you gotta be an excellent student. Classes start today, kid. You ready?