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Eternal Eski

Famicom game created for the 2015 My Famicase Exhibition hosted by METEOR in Tokyo. Fans of Grime music will find this futuristic space exploration game particularly interesting.

Client: METEOR

Location: Tokyo, JP

Year: 2015

Link: www.famicase.com/15

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You are Kyle Wait, better known as Eski. A former military space pilot turned soldier of fortune, you now captain a spacecraft known as the Gliding Square. With your small, highly-skilled crew, you explore the unforgiving worlds of the E3 System in search of The Pulse. This legendary item is said to hold the secrets of immortality, but finding it won't be easy. Your quest will be hazardous, strife-filled, and unpredictable. Do you have what it takes to find The Pulse and gain eternal life?