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BPM: British Pirate Music

Famicom game created for the 2019 My Famicase Exhibition hosted by METEOR in Tokyo. A tribute to the DJs, MCs, producers, and music lovers who kept the hardcore continuum alive and helped UK underground dance music thrive. This game explores the various musical, cultural, logistical, technical, criminal, and interpersonal aspects of the pirate radio scene in and around London during the 1990s and early 2000s.

Client: METEOR

Location: Tokyo, JP

Year: 2019

Link: www.famicase.com/19

Logo, Typography, Interface, Poster, Writing, Exhibition, Gaming, Music

Out to Johnny K in Hackney. Out to the lady Lisa. Hold tight Dodger, DL, and all the late-night crew. Stay locked as we roll with the DJ Breezy in the mix alongside myself, the MC TK. Running 'til the 3 o'clock hour. You are tuned into the underground sounds of Ruff 88.2 FM. Reaching out across the airwaves to all the London massive. Ruff tunes in your neighbourhood. Listen good.