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Aero Wars

Famicom game created for the 2021 My Famicase Exhibition hosted by METEOR in Tokyo. This game focuses on the final years of NASCAR's golden age before stringent modern restrictions, homogenization, and corporate powers changed the sport forever. During the years 1969-70, Detroit automakers battled to push their car designs to extreme levels of power, grip, and aerodynamics while remaining "stock", street-legal, and widely available to the general public. This short-lived stock car arms race was a truly unique period in the history of motorsports.

Client: METEOR

Location: Tokyo, JP

Year: 2021

Link: www.famicase.com/21

Logo, Branding, Typography, Writing, Exhibition, Gaming

Travel back to the most thrilling time in stock car racing history: the era of the Aero Warriors. From the hills of Wilkesboro to the beaches of Daytona, chase the checkered flag inside the most innovative machines Detroit engineers could imagine. Feel the power, speed, and grip as you compete on classic tracks alongside legendary drivers and their supercars of the day. Suit up and prepare for battle. These are the Aero Wars.